4716 Main St, Lisle, IL 60532, USA

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CryoSpa Advance

CryoSpa Advance is located in Lisle Illinois premier whole-body cryotherapy center; where we offer a variety of affordable services for everyone. Our focus is on improving our customers' quality of life and health.

Our Services

We offer skin treatments, including facials, many different massages to help you relax, and rejuvenate. Advanced technology treatments to get you into shape. We have a treatment for everyone, let us make you feel good.


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I often have sore, tired muscles. I tried cryogenic therapy to see if It lived up to the hype. I was nervous, but now I go regularly, it really is as good as they say. Rachael R. Via - Whole Body Cryotherapy
I often have painful swollen joints,  because of arthritis and was advised to try cryotherapy. Afterwards my joints were definitely less painful and in fact my whole body felt less tense. I've booked another treatment. Anna J. Power - Whole Body Cryotherapy
My sister bought me an Infrared sauna treatment. What an amazing experience! The temperature reached up to 165°F.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but It made me really relaxed and I felt really clean! Joan J. Waller - Infrared Sauna
I am really impressed with the amazing deep tissue massage I had. I was really tense and sore, but when I came out from the massage, wow! I felt like I was walking on air!  Betty S. Powell - Deep Tissue Massage